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If the size or product you’re looking for isn’t in our online store then give us a call at 573-254-3311.

Crane’s is one of the few remaining real country stores in the United States. Built in 1926, the current building is located on Old Hwy 40 in beautiful downtown Williamsburg. Crane’s has been a gathering spot for many generations. Started in 1899 in Mineola, Missouri, Crane’s has been the go to place for trade in a 60 mile radius. Carrying guns, groceries, hardware, gas, deli, clothing, boots, and feed, Crane’s tries to be a one stop shop. Crane’s is famous for it’s One Meat, One Cheese, Two Dollar sandwiches (all on white bread). They are also famous for their wide selection of Carhartt Clothing, Wolverine Boots, and Filson Outerwear. If you need to be outfitted for whatever the world can throw at you, Crane’s can help you out. Crane’s ships world wide too!

Crane’s Country Store, since 1899. A true general store that carries everything from bolts to bologna, britches to bullets, and boots to bread. Now in the 4th generation of Crane family ownership.

Cranes Country Store
10675 Old Hwy 40
Williamsburg MO, 63388

Open 8am til 6pm Central Time USA Monday – Saturday

 Crane’s Country Store

14 thoughts on “About Us”

    1. As a matter of fact I do Joey. I have 256s in Otter in stock. They’ll be on the site shortly. I’ll be adding Canada as a shipping destination today and once I do that just add the 256 to your cart, fill in your address and you’ll see the shipping cost.

  1. Yes they will Joey. Your best bet if you don’t see it on the site is to call the store. We can order it in and I’ll be willing to wager that you’ll like the price you get quoted too. Remember we like to haggle. 1-573-254-3311

  2. Hello
    I purchased some Lee jeans a few years back at your store and can not find them any place. Do you have Lee-Regular Cut-35 Waist/32 Inseam in stock?
    I can either drive out (about 2 hours from my house) or we could do business online if you like. I appreciate your help.
    Thank you,

    1. Michael, yes we have the Lee jeans. Check out our website again. We just added them to the Shoppe part.

      David Crane

  3. I was just there yesterday and purchased a carhartt coat as a gift and some coveralls for my son, the person I bought the gift for doesn’t want it but I realized the coat doesn’t have a tag, and I of course told the salesman yesterday I didn’t need a receipt, is it possible to bring the coat in today and just exchange it for the large black carhartt I saw yesterday for myself?

  4. Are you able to ship the Amish Made jams and Jellies? I didn’t see them on your online store. We normally stop in when we travel from Denver to Indiana, however we haven’t been through in a while and would love to purchase some of this wonderful Jelly from you. Also what would shipping cost?

    1. Unfortunately spammers use legitimate names of people and businesses to try to scam people. We have nothing to do with it and there is nothing we can do to prevent it. Be assured it did not come from us.

      David Crane

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