Woodsmans Pal Classic 481

Woodsmans Pal Classic 481


If you’ve never used a machete for yardwork or to break a trail, you need to. There are many, more-expensive products that advertise themselves as the best choice for the job, but in reality a machete is often the only way to go. Slash and hack and use some elbow grease with this Woodman’s Pal Classic Model Machete 481.

Take down small branches and saplings with this machete’s 10 1/2″ long and 1/8″ thick, high carbon steel blade. The steel’s been hardened to a Rockwell scale C 47. This scale measures a material’s hardness based on it’s indentation hardness. The measurement of this Woodsman Pal machete, C 47, is the hardness you find in harder steels, so you know this tool’s got a sturdy tensile strength. It’ll keep its edge and stay flexible even in cold weather.

The machete, which is 16 1/2″ overall, is strong enough to cut branches and wood that’s up to 1 1/2″ in diameter with one stroke. It’s great for outdoor work since the sickle hook slices through vines, overgrown weeds and saplings at ground level. Don’t feel like you need a bush hog, and a saw, and some clippers, just reach for your Woodman’s Pal.

The 6″ ash hardwood handle is designed to give you a solid grip and good leverage. A nylon wrist strap keeps the machete handy. “Use it and then let it go so you can use two hands for a small job, you’ll find the machete where you left it–hanging from your wrist.”

You don’t need a million different tools to do yard work. Get rid of the junk in your garage and do the same jobs with this quality Woodman’s Pal Classic Model Machete 481

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